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Video editing and post-production is where everything comes together. We can take your raw footage and shape it into a powerful marketing tool that will make your company stand out from the competition.

Up close view of computer screen showing video editing program

Video Editing

Our experienced video editors aren’t just computer technicians – they’re also storytellers and graphic artists who understand how subtle concepts like pacing and scene setting can make a dramatic impact on the final video. Our St. Louis based studio features a complete broadcast video editing suite, including an uncompressed HD suite and 4K suite.

  • Advanced digital cinema capture, featuring full-frame DCI 4K input and output via 12G-SDI
  • Dual link multi-rate 12G-SDI
  • Full-frame DCI 4K at 4096 x 2160
  • 10-bit YUV or full-color bandwidth 12-bit RGB
  • 3D stereoscopic output at full bandwidth 4:4:4:4 RGB

Color Correction

In the color correction process, we adjust the contrast, exposure and color parameters of every shot to put the final touches on your video. We have a state-of-the-art, 8-processor solid state workstation dedicated specifically to video editing and the industry’s fastest color correction. Combined with the uncompressed 4K footage you’ll capture with our video crews for hire, your final footage will sparkle.

Screenshot of a video showing three children with one half of the screen color corrected and the other half in dull colors
Hands using audio mastering equipment

Audio Mastering

Audio is a vital part of delivering a brand’s message. Capturing pitch-perfect audio on the day of production is standard with every shoot, but it can be further perfected in post. We offer true studio-grade mastering and use the industry gold standard ProTools for processing. Our equipment roster also includes:

  • Isolated and acoustically baffled talk booth with a wide selection of microphones, including a Neumann U87ai
  • Music library of tens of thousands of selections
  • Wide variety of sound effects

Motion Graphics + Animation

Graphic animations are an increasingly popular solution for cost-effective videos that need to distill complex or abstract concepts into simpler terms. We have the capability to incorporate 2D and 3D motion graphics into your videos to tell the story of your brand’s message in a creative way.

Animated GIF showing data being transferred to a headquarters building

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