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4 insider tips for hiring the right film crew

4 insider tips for hiring the right film crew

Producing a video is an important investment of your time, budget and resources. Finding the right video or film crew for your needs is an important step in ensuring you get the best return on your investment. Sometimes, you might only be looking for a videographer and a camera. Or perhaps you need a crew with a producer, audio and lighting equipment as well. Finding dedicated and talented people from the start will give you the best quality product.

1. Assess your needs.

Start by envisioning what your final video will look like and work backwards from there. Are you shooting a 2-minute highlight reel or a 30-minute in-depth documentary piece? The final product will determine the type of crew you need, what cameras to use and what format the final footage should be in. Knowing what you want from the beginning will inform the rest of your decisions.

2. Look for experience.

A good film crew will have experience shooting a range of projects, from corporate events to broadcast footage. Seasoned videographers will know exactly how to get the shots you want in the most efficient way possible to keep the shoot on schedule and within budget.

3. Don’t forget about lighting and audio.

Great video doesn’t just come from the camera. Careful planning of lighting elements, from natural light to a studio set up, will make sure your final footage looks vibrant and lifelike. Professional, high-quality audio equipment is also essential to capturing clean, clear sound from interviews and b-roll.

4. Utilize a project manager.

A dedicated project manager will ensure crew scheduling, equipment pickup and location timing occurs flawlessly. Especially on shoots with many moving parts, a project manager is an essential position to make sure everyone stays on schedule. St. Louis Video Crews has a full-time dedicated project manager that works on all video shoots, big and small.